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Scott Pitkethly, Lead Programmer at Creative Assembly talks to Game Careers at Develop in Brighton

Scott Pitkethly, Lead Programmer at Creative Assembly in Sussex, England, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at the Develop Conference in Brighton. Scott has been at The Creative Assembly since 1999 and worked on the award wining Total War series for almost a decade. He has been working on the real-time battle AI and gameplay since the groundbreaking Rome: Total War and most recently worked on the critically acclaimed Total War: Shogun 2. He has been the Battle team lead since Napoleon: Total War. His advice for those looking to get into the industry as a programmer:

“Its very important to have a good technical background. We are always looking for people with very very good C++ skills, and ideally knowledge of maths and physics is useful, but not necessarily essential. To me one of the most important things is enthusiasm, I’m always looking for people that are reading around the subject because that’s what they like to do in their free time. People who are spending their free time coding up their own projects because that’s what they are interested in. If you get an interview and you come to interview and you have a load of projects you have worked on, not only does it show us you have enthusiasm, but it gives you something good to talk about and allows you to show off your skills and knowledge base.” See the full clip here:


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