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Rob Davis, Founder and Director of Playniac, talks to Game Careers at Develop in Brighton

Rob Davis, Founder & Director of Playniac in London talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Develop in Brighton. Rob founded Playniac and has been game designer and producer for many games productions, as well as programmer for quite a few. His games include International Racing Squirrels (Channel 4), The Big Generation Green Quiz (British Gas), Battlefield Academy (BBC History), Fashion Fixer (UKTV), Alien Farm (CBBC), Springwatch Trackers (CBBC), Kung Fu Panda The Adversary and The Field of Fiery Death (Nickelodeon / Dreamworks), The Lost Army of Fu Shi (BBC Bitesize), Feel Up (Getty Images), First Aid Action (BBC), and Survive Dickens’ London (BBC Drama).

He graduated in Computer Engineering at the University of Bristol with a thesis on artificial intelligence and created his first commercial game, a text adventure that reached number one in the UK charts, at age 14. His advice for those applying to work at Playniac:

“We like people who are passionate about games, who are knowledgeable about games. People who think beyond what they are making right in front of them, who know what the implications of what they are doing are across the whole game, so we end up with games that are very beautifully designed, very thoughtfully designed, and really high quality products.” See the full clip here:


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