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Greg Robinson, COO & Co-founder of Connect 2 Media talks to Game Careers at Develop in Brighton

Greg Robinson, COO and Co-founder of Connect 2 Media talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Develop in Brighton. Greg has worked within the mobile content arena since 2000. He has lead teams responsible for several ELSPA top ten games working with brands such Sonic, Monopoly, Guitar Hero and Tetris as well as launching several successful original IP’s such as Go Go Rescue Squad. Previously he has held senior management positions at iFone and Hands On Mobile Inc. He tells us what he looks for when recruiting:

“Mainly enthusiasm. When we do interview you see so many people . They come along for the job but don’t come along quite mentally prepared for what the job is. We are a highly professional company and people misunderstand what the games industry is. The games industry is a multi billion enterprise in the UK alone. Its highly professional – but we are not looking for people looking to escape from the real world. Yes its fun, and its a lot of fun, and it certainly beats working in a band, but we demand the highest professionalism. We deal with huge project budgets, high development times and costs and we can’t afford to be anything less than utterly professional. Come along, be enthusiastic, make a difference in your presentation to people. If you come across as enthusiastic, professional and have a love for the subject then you do tend to stand out from everyone else.” See the full clip here:


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