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Linda Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online, talks to Game Careers

Linda Carlson, Director of Global Community Relations for Sony Online Entertainment, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe in Cologne. Linda has been involved in gaming since her very first, photocopied D&D manual arrived in the mail several decades ago. Over the years, she made the transition from tabletop to online to media to industry… and now serves as the Director of Global Community Relations at Sony Online Entertainment. SOE maintains over a dozen online titles, including EverQuest, EverQuest II, Star Wars Galaxies, Free Realms, Clone Wars Adventures and DC Universe Online. Whether delivering lectures at conventions, hosting SOE Webcasts as “Brasse,” (her garrulous Dwarven alter ego) or working on SOE Community Team projects, Linda is constantly inspired by the passion of the people who create and play games. “In no other field of endeavor do we see such rapid evolution of society, technology and communication,” she explains, “The gaming world is one incredible, organic social experiment, and I can hardly wait to see what’s next!” Her advice to those thinking of applying for a job with Sony Online:

“I warmly encourage anyone who is interested to contact me directly. In a nutshell, what we are looking for is passion because we are a company of gamers who make games. So passion for the product is very important, keeping in mind you may switch from product to product every year, but the joy of making things whether you are coming to the company as an accountant, or a public relations representative, or joining the community team, or if you come to us directly as a programmer or a developer of any type, we are looking for passion, so that’s the most important thing.

When you write a covering letter when you apply for a job make sure its not a farm letter, we have to know who your are. You have one chance to convey yourself, and if you blow that you are going to be lost in the sea of resumes we get. Make sure the resume is up to date and detailed. If you are coming from an artistic background or sound engineering or anything like that, make a portfolio and post it online, or if you are a programmer include examples of your code, post it online and give us the links so that we can review the cases easy for the people who are looking through 150 resumes to make yours stand out.

Understand as well that if you really want to get your foot in the door, one of the best passes to Sony Online Entertainment is to join our Quality Assurance or Customer Service teams. You start out at a fairly low wage, but it gives you direct access to everyone in the company and if you prove yourself there I can guarantee you your manager in CS or QA will recommend you for position when they come up.” See the full clip here:


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