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Seb Canniff, Development Director for Sony in London talks to Game Careers at Develop in Brighton

Seb Caniff, Development Director for the London Studios of Sony Computer Entertainment Europe, talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at Develop in Brighton.  Seb manages and guides the production discipline in the studio, as well as developing and tracking the overall studio budgets, schedules and staffing plans. This covers projects such as SingStar, EyePet, EyeToy, Digital Comics, Playstation Move franchises, as well as a number of unannounced titles.

His career in games began at Argonaut Games Plc. where he produced the first two Harry Potter games and various other titles including I-Ninja. Seb joined London Studio early in 2005 to help with the completion of Gangs of London on PSP. He has since worked on the Getaway and EyeToy Franchises and now has a full-time, cross-studio role. In his 10+ years in games, he has produced more than 10 games, which have sold more than 10 million units in total.

Prior to doing the good, honest work of making games, Seb was involved in various entrepreneurial activities, from being a record producer/club promoter and DJ, to labouring on building sites. He studied Medicine in London and has a Psychology degree from Bristol University. He makes the most of his spare time with his wife and 4 children. His advice for people thinking of applying for a production job in a company like Sony:

“For production, your CV should be immaculate…if you can’t produce a clear and coherent, and well laid out CV you won’t get past that stage. In terms of a Producer, we would particularly look for someone with a desire to get things done, a completer finisher type person. Someone with a desire to drive efficiency and make things better. A good communicator…there was big study where they found 70% of a project’s success is down to the communication skills of the project manager, and only 30% is down to their ability to write a schedule or fill out excel spreadsheets etc. Communication is very important, so the interview is very important.” See the full clip here:


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