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Ed Stern, Lead Writer for Splash Damage talks to Game Careers at Develop in Brighton

Ed Stern, Lead Writer for Splash Damage in Bromley, Kent, South East England talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection. Ed has been a Writer/Designer at Splash Damage since 2002, working on Wolfenstein: Enemy Territory, Enemy Territory: Quake Wars and most recently Brink. Yes, writer on primarily multiplayer games, much like being an Admiral in the Swiss navy, really. Before that he was in telly, at CNBC Asia and NoW. His advice for job seekers:

“If you want a career as a writer, try having a career as something else first. I fell into it purely by chance. There aren’t that many jobs. Its the same problem that everyone else has in this day and age. It’s never been easier to get your work in a visible state, and its never been harder to stand out. There are lots of indie games going on and there a relots of 1 and 2 man teams that could really benefit from a writing past. So if you are starting out there is work you can get done and made, its getting paid for it thats the issue. However, its much more important to have finished something that got made and put to market than going ‘Oh and here are some things I wrote but have never quite happened’. There is work out there, but its not necessarily paid work to start with.” See the full clip here:


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