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Kareem Ettouney, Art Director at Media Molecule in Guildford talks to Game Careers

Kareem Ettouney, Art Director at Media Molecule in Guildford talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at the Develop Conference in Brighton. Egyptian by birth, Kareem’s work displays exotic cultural influences which make it truly distinctive. The breadth and scope of Kareem’s work reflects his diverse background in interior, graphic, theatre and film set design. Kareem’s eclectic creativity found its home when he joined Lionhead Studios in 2002, where he quickly established himself as the lead concept artist. Whilst at Lionhead, he became firm friends with Mark Healey and Alex Evans and worked with them on the cult hit Rag Doll Kung Fu. When Mark and Alex left Lionhead in 2006 to form Media Molecule, Kareem was their first and natural choice to join them as a co-founder. Kareem has been absolutely instrumental in the iconic look of Media Molecule’s LittleBigPlanet franchise. His advice on getting into the games industry:

“Be unique – we see a lot of CVs but the people we would like to meet are the people who show their won uniqueness, who are not shy. They are not trying to hide their uniqueness by being some generic own sort of… trying to satisfy everybody, just satisfy yourself and present yourself to the maximum capacity you can. Also, we really appreciate all the extra work that someone would do…if you have a showreel or a test, its nice to feel that the person didn’t only follow the brief, they have their own brief that is much more impressive than the one they were given. We all use the jobs to express ourselves and do our thing, its very important that that comes across. We love individuals and that’s the thing that makes them stand out.” See the full clip here:


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