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Sam Martin, Head of Technology at middleware developer Geomerics, talks to Game Careers

Sam Martin, Head of Technology for middleware developer Geomerics in Cambridge in the UK talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe. In his current role, Sam works on expanding and developing the Enlighten product suite, while considering new technologies and research suitable for use in the games and graphics industry.

In a previous relationship with computational geometry, he developed the navigation system behind Lionhead’s Black & White 2. There was also a fling with Lionhead’s early core tech team, and he doesn’t forget the good old times he had with Intrepid and Kuju London.┬áHis advice for those thinking of applying to a company like Geomerics:

“The simplest thing is to come and talk to us. If you are new to the industry, the singly best thing you can do is have some item, some project, something you can show to people that differentiates you from everybody else. So many job seekers will come out of university with nothing but their CV, and everybody is in the same position. But if you are a programmer you can write some code, and as hard as it may seem to be squeeze alongside finishing your degree. It doesn’t have to be very big and complicated, just something that’s well polished, something that says I can actually do this, I’m not that big a risk. And show enthusiasm, and the only way to show enthusiasm is to do something beyond your CV. We always look for people who show they are able to do that little but more.” See the full clip here:


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