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Dr Malte Behrmann, General Secretary of the EGDF talks to Game Careers

Dr Malte Behrmann, General Secretary of the European Game Developer Association (EGDF) talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at GDC Europe in Cologne. Malte is an attorney based in Berlin. After law studies in Bonn and Munich, he pursued Audiovisual Communication Management at Valenciennes, France. Malte has led legal & development affairs at Pix.Co, a Korean animation studio, and currently teaches international co-production and film funding law in Valenciennes. Besides his legal and university work, Malte lectures at Games Academy in Berlin, and in different institutions in France.

Malte co-founded the German National Association of Game Developers (GAME e.V.).  As general secretary of the European Game Developer Federation (EGDF), he works actively on game development issues at the European level.   The EGDF represents some 600 studios based in Austria, Denmark, Finland, France, Germany, Italy, Norway, Spain, and the United Kingdom, which together employ about 17,000 people. The European computer and video games industry, including distributors and students in game educations, encompasses almost 100,000 individuals. Malte is also the author of two books, “Kino & Spiele, Offentliche Forderung der Entwicklung von Computerspielen” (ISBN 3898214699) and “Filmfoderung im Zentral – und Bundesstaat.”

His advice for people looking to apply for a job in the games industry: “I think the games industry is becoming more and more mature. We saw more and more professionals, we need a lot of people. We need lots of people so don’t hesitate to come to the games industry. But if you are a gamer and want to work in the games industry just because you love games, that is not enough. You need also to have a professional background.” See the full clip here:


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