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Michael Schade, Chief Executive of Fishlabs Entertainment in Germany, talks to Game Careers

Michael Schade, Chief Executive and Co-founder of Fishlabs Entertainment in Hamburg, Germany talks to David Smith of Game Careers and Interactive Selection at gamescom. Michael has been deep into computer graphics and 3D animation and software development for more than 15 years. Since the very beginning of FISHLABS in 2004 Michael was at several international leading mobile and gaming industry events and is a well known evangelist for high-end gaming on mobile phones. He has held several lectures, workshops and keynotes at Game Developer Conference (San Francisco), Annual Mobile Games Forum (London), Games Convention Developer Conference (Leipzig), Icon (South Korea) and other industry events. Before FISHLABS he founded one of the leading 3D animation studios in Germany in 1993 together with his former colleague from University, Christian Lohr. They have worked for major companies like Airbus, BMW, IBM, Panasonic, Renault and Siemens. His advice to those thinking of applying for job at Fishlabs:
“Obviously you need to be qualified enough. However, for us it is very important that someone fits into the team. We do have an open space situation so its very important that anyone can work with each other well and nicely. Of course passion is important. We like it if people bring ideas from different spaces, like from comics, from movies etc. So not really that focussed on games. For instance our Creative Director is an architect so no gaming background at all, and it shows. So if you have some extra talent, some extra qualifications let us know.”

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