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Sebastian Enrique, Software Engineer at Electronic Arts in Canada, talks to Game Careers

Sebastian Enrique, Software Engineer at Electronics Arts in Vancouver, Canada talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Gamescom in Germany. It’s been 5+ years since Sebastian started working on the EA Sports FIFA football franchise as a software engineer and game designer. In all that time, he has introduced new concepts and innovative features in the franchise like the Emotional Engine, Player Reactions, Be A Pro, Be A Goalkeeper, and Creation Centre.  His advice for people thinking of applying for a job at EA Canada: “I’ll give one piece of advice in general, not just for EA but for several. You will get “walled” over and over and over, but eventually you will have the opportunity. Never give up, that’s the fist thing I will tell you. Second for EA Sports, go to – there are the job listings there. We will take those and read them seriously.” See the full interview here:


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