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Jasmin Orthbandt of & Chawa Chawa talks to Games Careers at gamescom

Jasmin Orthbandt talks to David Smith of Game Careersand Interactive Selection at gamescom in Cologne. Jasmin is the Founder & CTO of, and Founder and CEO of She is in charge of Communication, Management & New Business Development for in Berlin. Well respected in her games programming field, she presented to the award the winner of the category „Best European Online Game“. at the European Games Awards. She has over 10000 followers on Twitter as @apocalyptica    Here she gives advice for women looking to start a career in the games industry. “You absolutely have to love your work, because lots face it, working in a production is not a 9 to 5, Monday to Friday job. We do have crunch time sometimes and you can’t just take off. And you really have to have a heart for gaming. You have to love gaming, you have to love programming, and you just got to love working. Just stick to it, if you really really want it then its an awesome place because you are not judged on how you look. Often is other jobs with females, here is where you work counts. What I like very much is that my code lines are pounding and not whether I have a nice dress or not, its definitely not the market for fashion orientated females.” See the full clip here where the interview starts mid answer:


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