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Nicolas Gaume, President of Mimesis Republic in Paris, France, talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at GDC Europe in Cologne, Germany.

Nicolas Gaume founded Kalisto Entertainment, a video game development studio, in 1990, at the age of 19. Over its 12 years of life, Kalisto produced more than 50 titles for PC and consoles. Kalisto also worked with Orange to launch their mobile games efforts. The company employed a staff of over 350 people in the USA, Japan and France. Besides his Kalisto venture, Nicolas Gaume founded NGM Productions in 1994, a children book publishing company in China. NGM published popular French series such as “Père Castor” (Flammarion) or “Les Incollables/Brain Quest” (Play Bac) between 1994 and 1999, when the company was sold. He was also board member of the French media group Sud-Ouest, of the TV animation production company, Xilam,  and the German data management software publisher, NXN, sold in 2004 to Avid. Nicolas has also worked as a consultant advising media groups, primarily on their development & partnerships strategies, and for three years, Nicolas was Senior VP & GM of the mobile games & applications division of Cellfish Media.

In Early 2008, he founded Mimesis Republic, focusing on the design, development and operation of virtual worlds and social networks. He also currently serves as chairman of the French national video game development school -ENJMIN- and president of the French game developers association, SNJV.

His advice to people thinking of applying for a job with Mimesis Republic:

“For Mimesis, besides the usual standard of quality, expertise, demanding, passion, a demonstration of all these skills that we require for any games studio. I think its also eagerness to understand the new digital lives of teenagers and adults and how people will actually go to on social networks and mobile phones and try see how the game expertise that we have can apply to these new fields. So particularly we are interested beyond the expertise, in the eagerness to learn the new behaviours of the new gamers and games to come.” See the full clip here:


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