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Chris Schmitz, Head of Production at Ubisoft Blue Byte talks to Game Careers at gamescom

Christopher Schmitz, Head of Production at Ubisoft Blue Byte talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at gamescom in Cologne. Chris joined the games industry almost 20 years ago. After many years in localization and programming, he finally turned towards producing in 2001. Christopher joined Blue Byte in 2007 as Executive Producer for the Anno brand. In 2010 he became Head of Production. His advice for those thinking of applying to Blue Byte: “If you want to apply please go to our website or email me directly, I can forward you to the right channel. my email is christopher dot schmitz at ubisoft dot com, find me on the internet. We are looking for great talent. If you want to join us in Dusseldorf we will do anything for you to move. We have appartments we can rent for you, we have a full relocation package. In the beginning you will get a lot of training within Ubisoft Blue Byte. We have great education and training because we have something which we call Ubi Evolve, even junior staff can really grow within our structure”.  See the full clip here:


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