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Ian Hughes (ePredator) of Feeding Edge talks to Game Careers at Develop in Brighton

Ian Hughes (ePredator) of Feeding Edge talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and  Game Careers in Brighton.  In 2006, whilst at IBM, he led thousands of colleagues into virtual worlds like Second Life with projects like Wimbledon. He has shown that leadership can be driven by the digital native and innovators can gather together regardless of geography or organization. Using creative expression online leads him to no longer be the programmer he grew up as. He presents an emerging technology slot on the ITV kids show The Cool Stuff Collective, currently into its second series. Ian is also the chair of the BCS Animation and Games industry Group.

His advice on getting into the games industry: “Just get on and do things and share things. There are so many ways to put your portfolio out there. Write some games in Unity and put them on a website somewhere. Make some videos on YouTube, write about things, blog about things. Share everything you are doing. because if someone is looking at you now, they will Google you and they will try find out what you have been up to. If you have stuff dotted around from the moment you got interested in games, whether you are reviewing a game, whether you are building things, whether you are doing some art or some sound. People will find that and will say hang on, this person has not just dropped in it because they think its a convenient career, they are passionate about it. So use all the tools out there and share!” See the full interview in the clip below:


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