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SEGA Europe recruiting video shown at Eurogamer Games Career Fair in London

Fancy a career with one of the games industrys most exciting, dynamic and creative companys?  Reflecting the fast-paced and ever-changing nature of the games industry, SEGA is growing rapidly – not just because of the success of our computer game titles, but due to our aggressive acquisition of prominent games developers (e.g., The Creative Assembly, Sports Interactive).  Its an exciting time for the company, with a London European head office and subsidiaries in France, Germany, Spain, The Netherlands and Australia. The foundations are now in place for SEGA Europe to become one of the worlds leading software publishers and developers.  All of SEGA’s current vacancies including those of the development studios can be viewed at the careers page website:


3 comments to SEGA Europe recruiting video shown at Eurogamer Games Career Fair in London

  • Shane O'Brien

    i have worked for sega in the past and am very intrested in working in this area again so if you can help or point me in the right direction please get in contact via my email, thanks for your time.

  • ryan

    hi im ryan from essex i play games on my ps3 all the time and i love it im a contract mamager at the moment in cleaning but i have always wanted a job as a game tester could u give me any help to get in this type of work please thanks yours sincerely

  • perry rowing

    Hi I am soon 17yrs old and have played ever type of games consule there is!! I love all kinds of games and have always wanted to work in the gaming industry e.g tester. please can you point me in the right direction.

    Thank You

    Perry Rowing