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Mick Hocking, VP of European Studios at Sony talks jobs and career advice at Develop 2011

Mick Hocking, Vice President of the Studio Group for Sony Worldwide Studios talks to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Develop in Brighton. Mick  is the Vice President Studio Group for London Studio, Studio Liverpool, Evolution Studios and BigBig studios.  He has been largely responsible for the creation and development of some of the PlayStations leading racing brands; notably the officially licensed World Rally Championship (WRC) series of games for the PS2 and latterly the multi platinum selling and award winning MotorStorm franchise for PS3. Mick is also the Director of the Worldwide Studios 3D Team that looks after the development of 3D games across all of Sony Computer Entertainment’s Studios and is working to maintain SONY’s place at the forefront of 3D entertainment. Mick is also responsible for the Academic partnership between Sony Computer Entertainment and Academia throughout Europe.

His advice for those thinking about applying for a job with Sony: “Sony is a fantastic place to work. The first thing is obviously work hard – try and get the very best results you can. If you are university try and get a first, try and get a great final year project. Something that you can talk about when you come to interview that is interesting to us as a games company. Build a portfolio of your work. Demonstrate that you can do things over and above just what they’ve asked you to do on the course. Its all about standing out and showing that you are someone that’s a little bit special, a little bit different that we should be interested in.” Please see the full interview in the video below. Sound quality is not perfect so you may need to turn up the volume.


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