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Dave Ranyard Game Director of Sony’s SingStar franchise speaks to Game Careers .BIZ

Dave Ranyard is Game Director at Sony Computer Entertainment Europe in London is responsible for Sony’s hugely successful, 20+ million selling SingStar franchise. Dave met with David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at the recent Develop conference. He has been in the games industry since the mid nineties, starting out as an AI programmer at Psygnosis, and later moving to Sony Computer Entertainment Europe’s London Studio where he has held a number of roles over the past 10 years, ranging from audio manager to running the internal creative services group. He has worked on titles including Wip3out, The Getaway & The Getaway: Black Monday, The Eyetoy: Play series and, more recently, Singstar. Prior to the games industry he lectured in Artificial Intelligence at the University of Leeds where he also gained a Ph.D. in the subject. Dave is a keen musician and he has written and produced many records over the past 15 years. His advice to those looking for a job with Sony? : ”We have a website,, it’s a good idea to go there and see exactly what we are looking for. If you have a portfolio, then make sure you get you get it right, programmers do tests at the interview. Really we are looking for people who are good team players, communicate well, like social games, and who are really looking to fit into our culture, which I would is a really nice culture to work in. That is it really for Sony Jobs.”


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  • krys wells

    something i found alot of games lack is decent fashion, and they also lack (though its getting better) things females might like…yes i love shooting people and chopping them up (in games) but i get sick of being a male to do it. so far the only game i found with good fashion range is perfect world mmorpg. i do love the fact sony did heavenly sword….now if i could just get a copy so i can play it….lol