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Robin Lacey of Plain Sight developer Beatnik Games meets Game Careers .BIZ

Robin Lacey met David Smith from Game Careers at the Develop conference in Brighton, UK. Robin Lacey is MD of Beatnik Games with its first title, Plain Sight, launched on 5th of April (Steam etc), Beatnik is also working with Channel 4 and Sony.  Robin’s advice for those who would like a career in games: “If you’re looking for a job in a games studio if you coming straight from out of university, you are only really going to have a chance if you get involved in Mods or indiegames. Go onto a Mod database and see if anyone needs help and go onto ticksor and get involved in that community. CV’s come through and they are straight from university and it says hey I’m a games designer and that’s all they’ve got, also don’t list your grades because nobody cares about that. We want to see which projects you got involved in because if you got your hands messy it means you can actually work with other people and that is the problem with most people straight out of university. If you want to set up your own company, just be prepared to give up your life.”


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