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Rob Precious of middleware technology developer Geomerics talks to Game Careers .BIZ

Rob Precious met David Smith from Game Careers at the Develop conference in Brighton, UK.  Rob is Geomerics Vice President of Sales bringing years of middleware expertise, drawing on positions with companies such as Criterion to drive and develop global sales for Enlighten, Geomerics’ revolutionary real-time lighting technology. His advice for job seekers looking to work at Geomerics: “With Geomerics don’t be scared about what I said about PhDs, it is by far not the only criteria we are looking for. We want a mix of people with all of the skills that we need. That is some deep rooted in academia but then we need highly practical people who have game industry know how, people who have console know how.  I would urge people not to be scared by that fact or that the technology is kind of the holy grail of lighting in the industry right now, but not to be put off by that.  It is really just putting one foot in front of the other and making things better every day. That is the kind of people that we are looking for.”


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