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Meet Sally Reynolds, a QA tester for Runescape developer Jagex based in Cambridge, UK

Sally Reynolds is a QA tester for Jagex, “I test the games to ensure that they are ready for release and also post release, if any issues have come up, I track them down and help the developer to sort them out. I love my job, I get to be a big kid!”. She left school at 17 but went back and got A levels and a degree, “people who didn’t think very much of me because of the lack of qualifications… I can absolutely prove them wrong now”. Jagex has over 350 employees. Roughly half the team work on providing players with support, answering queries and assisting with disputes or lost passwords. Most of the remaining half work directly or indirectly on RuneScape – scriptwriting, coding, graphics, audio and testing all make up the giant development effort required to keep RuneScape frequently updated. You can see more women in games at Women in Games Jobs.


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