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James Brooksby of Kuju studio Double Six speaks to Game Careers .BIZ

As a graduate with a Masters Degree specialising in Business James joined Kuju in 1995. He was quickly promoted to Project Manager for titles such as Terracide, Halcyon Sun followed by a number of important prototypes and technology experiments that led to several signed titles. He moved on to become Executive Producer, most notably leading the critically acclaimed Fire Warrior (PS2/PC/PS2Online). He was then Studio Head of Kuju’s Surrey studio, responsible for sales, forming strategies and preparing for the next generation, as well as overseeing Dark Messiah of Might and Magic multiplayer and Dungeons and Dragons: Tactics. He then “span-off” a new studio, “doublesix”, whilst delivering the critically acclaimed and award winning Geometry Wars: Galaxies. James is now leading doublesix into the bold and exciting new world of digital distribution, creating “small” and fun games more like the way they used to be made. James met with David Smith from Game Careers and Interactive Selection at the recent Develop conference in Brighton. His tips for working at a devloper like Kuju: “Obviously, the big thing we are always looking for is talented people and don’t worry so much about what tour qualifications have been. A case in point is myself, I qualified as an engineer but went on to do art and came in through my artistic talents. So people coming in with talent that we can see and is demonstrable so make sure you do something that we can see, that is visible; it is harder for some disciplines than others. Even game designers can download certain packages or buy packages that will allow them to demonstrate their skills. You’ve got packages you can get a hold of and make some level, artists have a portfolio, and programmers can come in and be we can test their skills. But you really need to have raw talent. It’s not necessarily the courses you did at university, the main thing about university is that you finish your course, get to the end and show you can stick it out. If we get people that dropped out halfway through how do I know you are going to make it to the end of the game, and that is really important. Realistically demonstratable talent and we’ll know what we are looking for when you come.”


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