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Meet Mark Brassington a 3D game modeller at Runescape developer, Jagex in Cambridge, UK

Mark Brassington is a 3D modeller at Jagex, a computer games design company. He loved computer games ever since he watched his Dad play Ghostbusters on his Commodore 64. He didn’t realise it was possible to make a career out of game design until he was deciding what course to do at university. “Some people dream about being pop stars, some people dream about being a movie star, that sort of thing… Games was my dream, but I didn’t actually think it would be possible.” He changed the A levels he was doing from business studies to art so that he could apply to university to study computer games design.¬†In 2009, a number of Jagex staff members were asked to share their stories with the world on behalf of the UK-based charity, ‘I Could’. You can watch these videos on the I Could website by clicking here. The videos may help you gain a deeper insight into working life at Jagex Games Studio, and the games industry as a whole.


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