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Charles Cecil, MD of Revolution talks of Doctor Who game and gives advice on jobs

The BBC has gone direct to the games industry and plans to go direct to consumers for its first Doctor Who game. Charles Cecil has been signed up to make Doctor Who: The Adventure Games. The episodic, PC/Mac games are billed as an extra four episodes for the new 13-show series five run which began in the UK during the last Easter weekend. MD of Revolution Software, Charles speaks to GameCareers.BIZ and gives advice on working in the games industry. “Right in the very beginning, if you want to go into programming get good maths. Please, please, please or get good physics. It is really important you have the key core subjects. If you want to go into art, learn to draw first. When I was employing people, if someone could draw a hat I would employ them because you can always take someone that can draw and teach them 3D, but not the other way around. Learn the core subjects please.”


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