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Research Survey reveals perks offered by games industry employers in UK

Casual dress, flexible working hours, free non alcoholic drinks, free or discounted gym membership , social activities and free meals topped the list of perks in a survey of 62 individual game developers in August 2009 by Theresa Outman for her HR MA. 98% of respondents has casual dress in the office, The second highest rated perk was flexible working hours with 51%. 48% had access to free, non alcoholic drinks. 37% of individuals has free or discounted gym membership. Social  activities (undefined) were claimed by 31% only and 30% had free meals. Of the many perks claimed by less than 1 in 5 were massages at 17% and day care 3%.  

Respondents had the option to add additional responses. A few of the additional responses include: Work From home perks like given a Computer to work from home and broadband paid for to facilitate working from home, Bike/Ride to Work Scheme, Finish Early on Fridays, Video Game Library, Birthday and Christmas Jollys.

Game Careers comments. “Perks are normally good in the games industry but your choice of career should not be swayed by perks alone. Choose a games company with a reputaion of making good product as well as one that looks after its staff.”


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