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42 years of games design | Meet Don Daglow, President of Daglow Entertainment, LLC

Game Careers was excited to chat with game designer and long-time game developer Don Daglow, president and creative director of Daglow Entertainment, LLC, an online game development studio founded in 2011. Don’s career in game design began on mainframe computers in 1971 (before Pong), and he has been designing successful online titles since 1987 (before the Internet). He is the only executive in the history of the industry to lead development teams on every generation of game consoles, from the Intellivision to the PS3/360/Wii.

In 2008, his work was selected for an Emmy(R) Award in Technology and Engineering for his creation of Neverwinter Nights, the first graphical MMORPG. He serves as the president of the Academy of Interactive Arts and Sciences Foundation (which supports industry scholarships), has served on the Advisory Board for GDC Europe, and advises the International Center for the History of Electronic Games (ICHEG).

Don’s recommendation for someone coming into the industry: no matter your area of skill or craft, continue to grow it and keep learning. Speaking from the perspective of someone who has been in the industry since its earliest days, Don also recommends developing persistence.  He points out that many people in the industry have had to learn to overcome small delays or setbacks and that it is important to not give up. Watch the full interview that follows:


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