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Meet Robin Hunicke, Executive Producer on Journey and Co-Founder, Funomena

Game Careers was thrilled to chat with game designer and producer Robin Hunicke, perhaps best known for her role as executive producer on blockbuster PSN game Journey. Her game titles include family-friendly franchises like The Sims2, MySims, whimsical online game Glitch and Steven Spielberg’s Boom Blox for Nintendo Wii. She is currently co-founder of the independent game studio, Funomena. There, alongside fellow Journey developer Martin Middleton, she is building a team to work on experimental gameplay projects and games for social good. An artist and computer scientist by training, Robin’s goal is to bring positive, new and unexpected gaming experiences to the public. A passionate advocate of Experimental Gameplay, she organizes the Experimental Gameplay Workshop, and has acted as chair of LA’s annual IndieCade festival. Through her public speaking, volunteer work and academic studies, she evangelizes fresh, broadly-accessible ideas, sustainable work practices and increased diversity in our industry.

Robin offers this suggestion to the Game Careers audience who are considering a career in games: “My best and most important piece of advice to someone who is seeking work in the games industry is to live a full and genuine life…to follow your heart, to have passions, to be curious, to travel. When I look at a resume, I just don’t just look at where they have worked. I look at where they have travelled to, the kinds of things they have built. I want to have a community of peers that isn’t just all about video games. Although those are important, I want to hear about the life you want to live and the world you want to live in.” Watch the full interview in the video that follows:




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