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Dr Richard Wilson CEO of UK games trade association TIGA gives advice to Game Careers

Richard Wilson, Chief Executive of TIGA talked to David Smith of Interactive Selection and Game Careers at Develop in Brighton. His advice for people thinking of getting in to the games industry:

” I have two main pieces of advice for people wanting to get into the games industry, the first being get yourself a good set of qualifications — the UK games industry is highly skilled and fully of highly trained, creative people so start by getting a good education behind you. The lovely thing about the games industry is that it combines art and design on one hand and the scientific, mathematical side on the other and bringing those two sets of skills together is really the essence of games development. Anyone wanting to get into the games industry would need to be an expert in one of these two fields. The other key part of getting into the industry is having an absolute passion for the sector — You not only have to have the skill set but you also need commitment, passion and enthusiasm to get into a games company. To get into the industry you really need to identify the company or more so the genre you want to work in, do the background research and then demonstrate your passion and your skills.”

Watch the full interview in the video that follows:



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