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Dan Pinchbeck, creative designer for thechineseroom game studio advises on jobs with indie studios

We met up with Dan Pinchbeck, creative designer for thechineseroom game studios back at the Develop conference. Dan joined Portsmouth University in 2003. He has a background in Drama, but he has worked in media, digital and technological arts practice using emergent technologies. His research is the significance of narrative within Computer Games, and on the effective archiving of computer games. He is also the Creative Director within thechineseroom independent development team.

Dan’s advice for getting a job at an indie studio: “There are three things that can help you get a job with an indie games studio, the first is being your portfolio. Your portfolio is hugely important, more than anything else and shouldn’t just include assets and the things you have built but also games you have been involved with. If you have been involved in any project that has gone through to completion that is worth twice of anything else in your portfolio.  I always suggest that people try and get involved as much as they can, even if it is  a free project, anything that is completed and released will look really good on your portfolio.  The next thing is cold calling – don’t be afraid to cold call! – many of the staff we have employed we have done so because they emailed us telling us how good they are.  If you are the kind of person to push yourself and put yourself out there then you are the type of person we want because you are going to apply that attitude to our company and in turn you are going to help us make better games.

The Indie games  community is great because everybody is very approachable and will give you good advice, however if you really struggle to find work with a studio – start your own, get some people together and make a game!”

Watch the full interview in the video that follows:


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