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Eurogamer Expo 2012 Encourages Careers in Games Industry

The annual Eurogamer Expo which takes place around the back end of September is a chance for the gaming public and media alike to get their hands on the latest blockbuster titles coming out over the next few months. The event,  which was held from the 27th – 30th September at Earls Court in London also showcased it’s customary careers fair to promote and encourage individuals wanting to break into the video game industry.

Studios such as Creative Assembly and GREE both had a stand at the fair to attract upcoming talent that were keen to be a part of making games of the future. Representatives from studios and specialist agencies were more than happy to sit down with individuals and go through step by step the best way to market oneself in order to be attractive to video game studios and publishers.

University’s had a major presence at the careers fair with Kingston University in particular setting up demos on the latest iPad 3 that some of their current video game programming students had developed. A number of lecturers were present to talk to keen gamers about graduate programs that would aid them in securing a role in the future – This certainly seems to be the trend that is being set for young people wanting to break into the industry. Studios, particularly here in the UK, are always keen to take on impressive graduates who have also combined their course knowledge with projects of their own or high profile internships at recognised AAA studios. With video games naturally being an extremely competitive industry to get your foot in the door, the days of doing stints in QA and simply moving up the ladder have unfortunately fallen by the wayside. Now, companies are looking at what sets candidates apart from the rest and usually it is determined by a strong portfolio and impressive freeware products developed or designed in their own time.

The event was also an opportunity to learn from experienced individuals in the industry who weren’t necessarily situated in the careers section of the expo. Frequent developer sessions were held throughout each of the four days which covered not only game development, but career building and how starting as the little guy often can lead to unexpected and heralded achievements. One such session was that given by Hideo Kojima, the world renowned and revered creator of Metal Gear Solid who stated that he never expected to even make a sequel to MGS1. When talking about the games main protagonist, Solid Snake, Kojima was quick to point out that he himself has aged and matured along with the characters development throughout the series. This is a key example of why the industry appeals to so many; because it is rare to have such a deep and emotional connection in any job to that which you get in video game development and seeing an idea grow from conception to a global franchise.

So, for anyone who is keen to work in video games the answer is simple, if you have relevant experience that can be transferred, fantastic, if not then taking a course in video game production management or programming will only benefit you in the long term. Specialist agencies are always on hand and willing to work with those who show the right aptitude and commitment to work in games. Keep in mind that it is always important to showcase your skills, be it through personal projects or online portfolios – think about what sets you apart from everyone else and tailor your work to that of the products the studios you are interested in applying to may be working on.


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