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Jo Twist, CEO of games trade body UKIE speaks of thriving UK industry and advises on talent development.

Dr. Jo Twist, CEO of games trade body UKIE, met David Smith from Game Careers during the Develop conference in Brighton. A former journalist and content commissioner with the BBC and Channel 4, she was headhunted for this role. She tells Game Careers about the importance of UKIE for all in the games sector. Her advice for those that are starting out in the games industry is clear: “If you are really passionate about what you are doing – that’s the most important thing – make something, get it out there! The platforms, the technology, the ability to self publish and put your game on the internet, on android or ios is phenomenal. And the opportunity, once you start to get feedback, to hone your ideas is fantastic. Build your relationships, build your own cult personality through twitter and through different social media places. Get in contact, build a relationship, say something interesting to journalists and with journalists and people who write about games so that you get noticed. Because it is all about you at the end of the day!” See the full in depth interview below:


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