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Gina Jackson, CEO of Women in Games Jobs speaks of exciting careers for women in the games industry.

Gina Jackson, CEO of Women in Games Jobs, met David Smith from Game Careers during the Develop conference in Brighton. A 20 year veteran of the games industry with companies like Ocean Software, Eidos and Nokia, she tells Game Careers about why the games industry offers a great career for women. “I really hope that women will finally embrace the games industry as a great place to come and work. I hope that by being more visible in what we do and sharing what it is like to work in the games industry, it will become a top area where people want to work. If women are working in TV or film or in animation or programming in other areas, the games industry should be one of their top potential industries to work.” Check out the Women in Games Jobs web site to see some of the great work they are doing to encourage everyone to work in the games industry. View the full interview here below:


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