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Chee Ming Wong, Creative Director for Opus Artz in London talks to Game Careers at Gamescom

Chee Ming Wong, the Creative Director at Opus Artz has over 12 years of creative visualization and design experience, working with a diverse range of game & animation developers worldwide such as Visceral Games, Sucker Punch productions, 2K Marin & 2K Australia. His roles include being the External Creative Director on The Edge of Twilight, Art Consultant on Bioshock 2, Dead Space & Infamous franchise and a ardent Wacom Evangelist.

In addition, Dr. Wong also regularly hosts artist workshops, tutorials and articles, and is a keen proponent of continuing art education and the promotion of entertainment arts to the wider public via the auspices of TIGA/UKTI. His works have been published in a variety of international books and magazines.

With a longstanding passion in future space and aerospace technology, Dr. Wong is an official artist for the International Association of Astronomical Artist (IAAA) and also holds a medical doctorate, having specialized in Anaesthetics and Intensive Care Medicine.

His advice for those seeking to find a creative role in the games industry:

“You have to start very early on. There are various forums where you can find out more about being an artist. When you finally do you apply for a games job you have to do the necessary background research. The chances are you will be competing with existing artists already in the feed so you need to be comparable or better than other candidates. Just sending a bland CV is not good enough, you need to personalise things, research, and find out what various styles or requirements each company has. Not everyone might like manga style or melissa style so you need to be very versatile. Apply yourself to various package tools like 3D, also have a strong base in 3D. As long as you have a good graphic of various skills I think you can do very well. The main thing is to be very enthusiastic and keep on trying. Don’t give up, you might have to try 40 or 50 times. That’s normal, its very competitive.

Have the right mind set; if you are not getting much luck with various companies you need to reassess why this is happening. Just asking someone to review your portfolio is not enough. You need to have enough acumen and an understanding of where you are. Sometimes its very hard to go to a friend to ask this.” See the full clip here:


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